July 3, 2014

How We Wear | Ripped Jeans: Fancy Pants

Now that we've shown how we wear our ripped jeans casually, we felt that it was only right to highlight their sartorial worth for even a fancy pants dressy occasion*. Yes, our beloved ripped jeans are so firmly planted on our gams that you would really have to rip them off of us and, to be honest, we would probably like it because it would create larger holes for our knees to breathe. 

Miriam added feminine touches to her ensemble, including silver hoops, a bangle and 1940s-esque grey heels to dress up her jeans for a fancier occasion. And the holographic clutch is just her excess unicorn energy spilling out, but it sure looks lovely with white of her holey jeans! 

Siobhan went super 90s with a pearl choker, bib top and flatforms that we are sure even a Spice Girl at the pinnacle of stardom would fully approve of. The silky texture of the top could fancy up even the grungiest of jeans and her look was topped off with a Dom & Ink, aka the RF Fairy Godfather, sanctioned top knot. One of the greatest things about ripped jeans for clumsy girls like us, is that you can tumble off your flatforms as much as is your want, without fear of damaging your denim. Jeanius. 
Miriam's outfit:
Top - Vintage shop in Newcastle
Ripped White Jeans - Topshop
Holographic Clutch - Monki
Bangle - Present from Thailand
Grey Suede Heels - Reg Herring

Siobhan's outfit: 
White Bib Top - Topshop
Ripped Blue Jeans - H&M
Flatform Sandals - c/o Missguided
Pearl Choker - Topshop 

*"We're wearing a choker and hoop earrings, of course people think we're hookers" - Never have truer words been spoken. 


  1. You both look gorgeous! As usual...bloody babes!

  2. Both looks are fabulous :) I love how the pieces within the outfit are quite simple, but when brought together they look classic. Siobhan's handbag has white accents that match the white top, adding to the fresh feel <3


    1. Thank you! Totally going to have a looksie at your blog :)

  3. Admit it, you long for those admiring glances, those envious stares and those wondering looks. Get a pair of light pink skinny jeans – they will flatter your silhouette and make you the star of the town! These light pink jeans are the perfect complement with those dark sunglasses and a nice handbag or a haversack.


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