July 20, 2014

Motel Rocks: Flowerpuff Girls

When we lived in Japan, we found ourselves intrigued by the pack mentality of the girls when it came to fashion. Their approach to clothes was more Musketeers than Spice Girls, very much, "All For One And One For All" and you would never see a group of girls wearing styles from different trends. We developed nicknames for the tribes - there was he Tree Dwelling Group, who were bedecked entirely in muslin of varying shades of brown and beige. The Trashy Hondoori Girls, black and neon pink with visible suspender belts and shoes more akin to stilts, was their uniform of choice. Not to mention the Pastel Princesses, who set off every outfit with a prim and proper cardigan and pearl jewellery. Suffice to say, we grew rather fond of the tribes and so when Motel Rocks very kindly sent us a pair of matching dresses, we channeled our inner Harajuku girls and tribed up to form the Flowerpuff Girls!

Just showing off the cool shoulder cut outs! 
Miriam's outfit:
Topi Tea Dress - c/o Motel Rocks
White Biker Shorts - H&M
Basket Handbag - Vintage H&M
Sweatshirt - H&M
Glittery Socks - ASOS
White Flatforms - c/o Missguided

Siobhan's outfit:
Savannah Cold Shoulder Dress - c/o Motel Rocks
Navy Duster Coat - Monki
White Sandals - Clarks

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