July 12, 2014

Sale of the Century

One man's trash is another man's treasure - A universal truth that is never more applicable than when discussing sale shopping. The sales are pretty much the shopping equivalent of Tinder; they require a great deal of time and patience, plus there is every likelihood that you will bear witness to something that will literally burn your retinas. 
Shopping the sales can make you feel like Ariel, trawling an abandoned shipwreck in the hope of finding a new thingy-me-bob to add to your collection. However, if you're patient enough, you could find a real diamond in the rough (yes we are aware that we're mixing Disney metaphors). The sale is the the perfect time to either pick up those things that you loved, but that seemed too outlandish and unwearable when full price, or having done some research, stock up on pieces that will still be relevant come next season. Just keep in mind the general rule of thumb, if you wouldn't have looked at it when it was full price, then step away from it immediately. Now, go forth and prosper. 

We have dragged the proverbial ocean floor and managed to unearth the following treasures.  

Siobhan's Sale Shopping


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