July 7, 2014

Tokyo POP!

Miriam and I have a slight phone accessory obsession. At the height of our obsession we regularly visited phone deco shops in Japan, and hoarded Hello Kitty, Barbie, and Poodle charms to permanently glue to our phones. We also had strings upon strings of Japanese landmark phone chains that dangled daintily from our clamshell phones. 

Nowadays, it's nice to be able to change up our cases depending on our mood, but our mood for our phone accessories is usually one of kawaii quirkiness. One fine day, while shopping in the Topshop at Oxford Circus, we saw a glittering beacon of light that happened to be the Skinny Dip London stand. Every thing was bejeweled, holographic and lucite -- the basic three elements that Miriam's and my body are composed of. Indeed, it was love at first sight and now Skinny Dip London accessorizes my iPad Mini and iPhone! Knowing how much we love Skinny Dip, we were fortunate enough to receive some new adorable cases from them to sate our obsession. My transparent Pop art-inspired case is the apple of my magpie eye and Miriam's ice cream case looks so sweet! 

Tokyo Crop Top - H&M
Jersey Pencil Skirt - H&M
White Sandals - Topshop
POP! Phone Case - c/o Skinny Dip London
Ice Cream Phone Case - c/o Skinny Dip London
Black Watch - Nixon


  1. I love phone accessories too <3 Those cases are super cute, love the ice cream one :)


    1. Ooh!! Good to know there are other phone accessory lovers in tha house. ;) I cannot deal with a naked phone! <3

  2. I like buying new phone case, too. But because of my job, I have to use dark color phone case most of time.
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