November 7, 2014

I'm a (Faux) Furry

What is it about fantasy-colored fur that makes us purr? We have narrowed it down to our childhood exposure to Sesame Street, Muppet Babies and Barney the Dinosaur (yes, Barney appeared to have a downy texture, rather than scaly). And if our landlords won't allow us pets, well we can at least stroke our accessories and make-believe! The Orla Kiely handbag reminded us especially of our new Remotely Fashion mascot, Kosi, the most fashionable Bichon-Frisse to hit the canine streets. So do like Kosi this winter and wag your tails in a bit of fantasy fluff and if anyone questions you just go all Oscar the Grouch on them.


  1. If anyone I know would wear these, it would be Miriam. Also, you clearly need to do a companion post featuring with your furry blue vest!

    1. Forgot the link!

    2. yes i strangely love these. lol


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