December 4, 2014

Fashion In Motion: SIBLING

There are few things that we RF girls love more than a good bit of knitwear, so when we first laid eyes on, design trio extraordinaire, SIBLING's wonderous woolens, it was L O V E at first sight. And not just a flicker of love you understand, this was the all consuming, obsessing and a light bit of internet stalking, style love.

Formed in 2008 by Joe Bates, Sid Bryan and Cozette McCreery, SIBLING rebelled against the yawn-inducing menswear design of the time; Not content with just using bold prints and bright colours, their experimental approach to knitwear lies also in their revolutionary techniques and unusual use of scale and proportion. But the main reason that we love them so much, is their wit - they understand completely that fashion is supposed to be fun!
The V&A's Fashion in Motion celebrated their work to date and one of us, thanks to the RF Porcelain Doll, was leprechaun levels of lucky enough to be sat FRow (apologies again to Barney for the serious arm grabbing and mild squealing). Here are a selection of snaps, slightly blurred due to hand shaking levels of excitement.


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  1. The panda gimp masks make me happier than anything else in the world ever has.


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