February 18, 2015

Denim Crushes

Reports that The Canadian Tux was the main inspiration for Sonia Rykiel, Stella McCartney and Kenzo remain unconfirmed

Denim as a trend seems like a bit of an oxymoron, as this fabric has come to be essential. I think that there are few wardrobes that are free from at least a few shades of blue, in fact I challenge any of you to get through a ratchet Sunday without a pair of jeans! Whist jeans are vital to cowboys and normos alike, the denim seen on catwalks for SS15 was more of the head to toe variety. Yet it wasn't just the volume of denim, which was remarkable, but the variety too. From the beautiful, minimal kimono-sleeved shirts at Kenzo, to the embellishment at Sonia Rykiel, the denim on show was a far cry from normcore's reign of boring terror - while the fabric itself can be considered a basic, what the designers have done with it was far from so. There was an over-arching 70s vibe and it is safe to say that, this season, denim has smartened up - repair those rips forthwith! But you know, fashion isn't totally dictatorial, feel free to choose your wash, as long as it's not bleach-splattered. Never bleach-splattered.

Below you will find our favourite denim pieces from some of our favourite denim brands. You're welcome.

AG Jeans - The Skirt
The Kety mini-skirt by Alexa Chung skirt has all but sold out and with good reason, but we have managed to track one down, here.

Madewell - Denim shirt 
"Madewell" and "chambray" must be next to each other in the dictionary.  

J Brand - The Flares

Am struggling to find even the slightest flaw in these J Brand flares.

Boilersuit: ASOS

This photo doesn't really do the jumpsuit justice. In "real-life" the fabric is both softer and more textured than it appears. It's bloody lovely. 

New Look: The Dungarees

It would be a real struggle to find a better pair of dungarees for under £30 - New Look have seriously upped their game.

MiH Jeans - The Denim Jacket
As out and proud Japan Nerds, this denim kimono is the perfect was to embrace our love of all things Nihon, without looking completely bonkers.

The Culottes : Monki

These Monki Culottes are the the very top of the RF wish list .

Collaboration: Simone Rochas for J Brand 
Cropped, pink, boyfriend cut and with frills, by rights they ought to be hideous, but I defy anyone to find a cuter pair of jeans



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