March 3, 2015

What Color Is This Dress?

Can someone please tell me the color of this dress? I see a black dress with gold accessories, but my friend says it a white dress with blue accessories. Please help us end the debate!  

OKAY, just joking, dear readers! Were you following #TheDress phenomenon last week? Maybe that's why I was on the hunt for a dress this past weekend. I found this sweet little Alexa-Chungian number that I feel in love with instantly. It's pretty much Spring in the Bay, so legs are on show without tights. Remembering that Miriam and I were bustled up in coats last March, makes my mind implode a little.

Ankle Boots - Jeffrey Campbell 'Roscoe'
Necklace - Topshop

1 comment

  1. Pretty necklace.
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