April 24, 2015

The Smiths

Photography by Erika Pham

Years ago now, while Miriam and I were living in Hiroshima, Japan, we had a morning of sartorial consternation when a friend suggested that we hike up to the highest point of the city. Little did he know that Miriam and I did not own a single pair of sneakers between us. We preferred to get our daily exercise in brogues or strappy sandals roaming the underground malls or strolling around the Peace Park with sakura-flavored Chu-hai's in hand. 

Flash forward to now and Miriam and I are basically sneakerheads! Ah, yes, it is truly one of my favorite things about fashion: the unimaginably ugly becomes unimaginably necessary in the blink of a fashion week. My favorite pair as of late are the Adidas Stan Smiths. They give me such joy whenever I open my shoe closet and see them glowing in all their retro cuteness. They have not turned me into a tennis pro, but my morning commute feels a lot cushier than my ballet flat days. 

And to complete, the story: Miriam and I (joined by our lovely friends, Jonathan and Lia) huffed and puffed our way to the top without a smidgen of insole. I had to look back on several Facebook albums to find proof of our impractical footwear decisions, but ironically enough, our friend Jonathan was wearing none other than a pair of Adidas trainers! 

Button-up Collared Crop Top - American Apparel (similar here)
Faux Suede Skirt - H&M
Sneakers - Adidas Stan Smith
Bleecker Sport Mini Duffle Bag - Coach 


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