May 3, 2015

Belt Up

When playing a word association game, the image that would follow, "Belt", would be either Zelda (Siobhan) or The Rock (Miriam). Well, thanks to Elliot Rhodes, our associations can go back to chilling out in the '90s, preferably on some lime green inflatable furniture. 

Based in Covent Garden, Elliot Rhodes is a belt emporium! Introduced to every possible combination of belt colour and width, plus a dizzying array of buckles, (literally dizzying, for a moment I hallucinated and thought I saw Kate Middleton's face on a buckle) we were set a challenge, create a belt each and then style it up. We both went for neutral shades, for maximum wearability, but with gold buckles, cos' we're magpies like that. 

Waist measurements taken, the belts cut perfectly to size - we both got extra holes put in, because the thought of being fully committed to either waist or hip belts was petrifying - then wrapped up  in smart cotton pouches, making the whole thing just that little bit lovelier. Yep, we're absolute suckers for packaging. Blame Japan, we've been spoiled by the way everything came wrapped in countless layers, without a second thought for the environment.

We both styled our belts around our favorite style of jeans (Mom), putting our new belts front and center! 

Crop Top - ASOS White
Belt - c/o Elliot Rhodes
'I Hate Everything' Bracelet - Me & Zena
Mom Jeans - Topshop
Glitter Socks: Topshop (similar here)

Mock Neck Top - Topshop
Belt - c/o Elliot Rhodes
Mom Jeans - Topshop
Roscoe Boots - Jeffrey Campbell
Bucket Bag - H&M


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