May 12, 2015

Samantha Cameron: The Clear Election Winner

Now that the dust has settled on what was undoubtedly a surprise election result and we've all had the chance to either toast to victory, or drink ourselves into an oblivion, which will hopefully last for the next five years, we can now reflect. Labour will look to how they can reconnect with the electorate, while the Lib Dems are probably all struggling with severe cases of P.T.S.D. But here at R.F, the only thing that we care to reflect upon, is the election highlight that was Samantha Cameron's wardrobe.

 It must be difficult to be the wife of a Party Leader, subjected to the same levels of scrutiny as your husband, but without any of the power. Trotted out during election campaigns and expected to wear the party colours, regardless of skin tone. While it's true that Sam Cam, with blue, has it a little bit easier than Miriam Gonz├ílez Dur├íntez and Justine Milliband - confined to yellow and red respectively - there is no denying that she absolutely pulled it out of the bag, her powder blue polling day dress in particular was a masterclass in subtle political dressing.
She cleverly avoided the bright Conservative blue, which will be forever associated with  Milk Snatcher in her infamous skirt suit.
Now, if she would only stop accessorising with that potato faced man. 



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