June 18, 2015

Bell of the Ball

Have I been fully indoctrinated into the 70s trend for SS15? The answer appears to be heck yes! I should have known I would be susceptible to the allure of the 70s trend, considering Stevie Nicks is one of my favorite people. In fact, I know understand why she was so prone to twirling on stage  -- it's practically irresistible with arms in a bell sleeve. But while I do have an admiration for certain aspects of flower-child wear, I do think every trendy piece must be balanced with some old favorites. In this case, I went with my favorite man-repelling pointy flats and ripped skinnies to modernize this blouse. While it may be tempting to put on your tawny, suede skirt with this kind of top, you will inevitably veer into Halloween costume territory. Time and a place for everything, ladies and gents.

Have you dared to take on the 70s trend this season? Is it in the form of tight-fitting ringer tees, rusty hues, or laced-up dresses? Let us know in the comments what you find the most alluring!

White Bell-Sleeved Blouse - Zara
Ripped Jeans - H&M

Pointy Mules - ASOS
Earrings - Madewell
Bag - PS 1
Sunglasses - Raybans 


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  2. Love the outfit. It's beautiful and simple.

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