June 29, 2015

Beyoncé as a cure for Britishness

Being British is great (geddit), there are a ton of countries we can visit without a visa and (at the time of writing) we have a world renowned NHS. We also get to drink countless cups of tea without anyone batting an eyelid. However, in some ways we are cursed. The stiff upper lip and the need to constantly apologise are exhausting, how much easier must it be to be able to scream and shout? How must energy must one save by not keeping a lid on it.
One of RF's favourite friends, Rachel -  check out her insta, she's a bad bitch - recently said that it would be beneficial for me to scream and throw a chair at someone. Basically, my default setting is too polite. Well I think I might have found the remedy to the curse of Britishness - A mix of equal parts denim jumpsuit and Beyoncé music**. Not sure what it is about a denim jumpsuit, must be the Destiny's Child association, but it makes one feel fierce as f*ck! Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche, aka, the greatest woman alive, recently wrote about the need women have to be likable and how detrimental this is, and you know who doesn't appear to feel that pressure? Beyoncé doesn't. She's strong and confident and you know for a fact she would never dream of apologising if you crashed into her.

So if you see a chair hurtling through the air at you, from the direction of a denim clad girl whose limbs are flailing to Flawless, know in advance that I am terribly sorry. 

Jumpsuit: SuperTrash
Glitter socks: Topshop
Trainers: Vans (now on sale)
Eternity ring: Vintage
Severed head ring: Fraser Hamilton

** Warning: Excessive consumption of Flawless, whilst wearing head to toe denim and drinking gin, may probably will result in a lapse of manners, but then, who wants to be liked anyway? 

Photography by Carolina Nikotian


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