September 25, 2013

A Floral Wreath for the Floral Crown

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I think that we can all agree that the floral crown has had its day in the sun; when Lana Del Rey first wore it we were enamoured with a capital E, but overuse at festivals has left us bored. What was once an interesting, slightly ridiculous piece of headgear, has become a lazy way of attempting to suggest that one has a "bohemian spirit" - excuse us while we vomit up our lunch, but any hippie worth their organic fair-trade salt, would not be found dead in Topshop and we all know that is where most people have acquired them from.

So with a roving eye, we look to next summer and wonder, what on earth will we top our heads with? Well, it was with some glee that we found ourselves eyeing up the SS14 Dolce and Gabbana collection because there it was - the answer in green and white - the floral halo. Teemed with elegant silhouettes and lashings of gold, there was nothing faux-boho about the floral halo; this was out and out glamour. As it should be.

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  1. Absolutely in love with this colletion by D&G !



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