September 24, 2013

2013 Emmy's Best Dressed

Claire Danes in Armani PrivĂ© | Aubrey Plaza in Marios Schwab | January Jones in Givenchy

Claire Danes has been a firm favourite since she donned those cursed angel wings in Baz Luhrmann’s, beyond perfect, Romeo and Juliet. But this selection is actually without bias; at this year's Emmy's she looked as though she had been transported from Hollywood’s golden age of glamour, while her simple bob and bold lip work to prevent the dress from looking creepily bridal. 

Aubrey Plaza’s demure lace dress is perfect in its understated glamour; the high-neckline and long sleeves appeal to the Victorian in us and, like the magpies that we are, we do so love the sparkly detailing.

Actually not entirely sure whether January Jones’ Givenchy dress is really all that great, but her face is just so amazing, that unless she dressed as though she were a lady of questionable morals, we would always be in favour of her ensemble. Excellent hair too.

Rose Byrne in Calvin Klein | Kiernan Shipka in Delpozo | Kate Mara in J.Mendel

Rose Byrne must be also dealing with the effects of light pink erotomania just as we are, and she went for a sleek Calvin Klein dress in this season's biggest trend color. Despite being draped in light pink she looks wonderfully mature because of the dresses simple lines and sultry cut out. Her glamorous Hollywood waves go perfectly with her minimalistic accessories (those double rings!). 

Kiernan Shipka definitely deserves the most adorable award, in this Delpozo dress. With a bouncy pony and bright smile, she looks just as uplifting as the multi-textured frock. This outfit is wonderfully age-appropriate, but we must commend her ability to rock those barely-there sandal heels at the tender age of 13! Imagining 13 year-old Siobhan and Miriam in those heels, only elicits images broken ankles and broken dreams. But anyway, the nearly naked shoes are a great compliment to the spunky and bright colors of this whimsical outfit. 

Kate Mara makes us want to chop off our hair in a modern bob and run around in multi-textured, head-to-toe white gowns while exuding sex appeal and avoiding red sauces. Kate Mara is pretty much covered up except for the high-rise slit and sheer elements and it creates a beautiful balance of sultry and elegant. We are not the biggest fans of her platform heels, but the fact that this figure-hugging dress has a pocket made us squeal with delight. 


  1. Kate Mara FTW!! I, too, disagree with the matchy platforms. But her gown was def the most interesting. I found January's a bit sad : / Props to Aubrey for going more unusual! It suits her well.

  2. Yeah, Aubrey was getting lot of shade for her gown and I was like wtf, no. It suits her so well! She came out in a sexy J.Mendel, it may have looked good on her but maybe she wouldn't be as comfortable in it? Kate Mara is such a hawt Auburn babe.

  3. I LOVE Kiernan Shipka's choice! Did you know that she doesn't work with a stylist? She has done a fabulous job of being age-appropriate while still being fashion forward without any extra help!

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  4. It is impressive...although, to be honest, the idea of a 13 year old having a stylist does leave us cold with horror!


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