September 20, 2013

LFW Spring 2014 - Street Style

One of the best things about this, oftentimes bleak, city is the street style. Every single day it is possible to wander, lonely as a cloud, into the crowds of shoving and rushing people and there, like a ray of sunshine, is a wonderfully dressed individual.Well, last week the great and good of the fashion world descended on London like an army of preening peacocks and the city was, despite the rain, brightened for a few days - here are our five favourite looks.

Susie Lau aka Susie Bubble epitomises London's eclectic style.

Miroslava Duma smashes Russian stereotypes one incredible outfit at a time, while photographer Sara Reverberi looks just as comfortable on this side of the lens.

Ink Limpichart is super stylish despite the downpour and Joanna Hillman shows us how to navigate the weather during those typically British in-between days.

Image Credits: Vogue (Dvora), Elle UK (Victoria Adamson), Refinery 29 (Victoria Adamson)


  1. Suzy's subscribe skirt is the bee's knees! XD

  2. I love Suzy's skirt and Sara's whole outfit.

  3. Mira Duma is the epitome of amazing style!


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