September 18, 2013

Style Icon: Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba Fashion Ralph Lauren

Jessica Alba may have been many boys' dream girl in 2006 (Can any of you actually tell me what the plot of Into the Blue was?! Yeah, I didn't think so.), but she is my fashion dream girl of 2013. I get a lot of fashion inspiration from bloggers, models, musicians and fashion magazine editors, but not many (somewhat recent) actresses have given me pause. What I most identify with in her style her dappling in tomboyish look and super ladylike silhouettes. And her accessories -- always delicate but lightly subversive with lots of gold, spikes and small hoops.  Take a gander at some of Jessica's recent fashion hits! And I'll be going off to mourn why they ended Dark Angel so abruptly. 

Jessica Alba Fashion
From her Cartier bracelet to her wishbone earrings, I have been seriously coveting Alba's accessories. While the Cartier nail bracelet's price tag sends me into convulsions, Nico New York's nail bracelet delights me in its clean look and price point! Upscalehare's Etsy shop also offers a cute wishbone-earring that also aligns with Jessica's earring style.

I was longing for florals this past summer, but they are back in action in a darker variety for F/W and Jessica shows just how to wear them. Also, I am very curious to dabble in a little bit of mock turtleneck as it gets a little colder this season. 

Jessica Alba Fashion
Jessica also appears to appreciate how a crop top can really add interest in a more covered up outfit. And how adorable does she look in this 60s inspired Miss Wu dress? RF girls always appreciate a good pert ponytail and we are certainly envious of Alba's! 

Jessica Alba Fashion Piperlime
Love how this look is absolutely Autumnal without being too trite with overuse of oranges and plums. Jessica is now a guest editor at and and her choices have a fab mix of casual and chic items.

Jessica Alba Fashion Phillip Lim
With another style icon of ours, Solange Knowles! Rocking the heck out of the 3.1 Phillip Lim collection for Target. Any of our readers lucky enough to get any items from it?

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  1. I've recently been hooked on Alba's style too! She's definitely got it and I can't wait to see more and more of her looks :) Great post!


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