September 12, 2013

NYFW Spring 2014 Street Style

Is New York Fashion Week already over? We were glued to our screens, hitting refresh on eagerly awaiting each new collection like a rat in a Skinner-esque experiment. While we still trying to mentally process the designer collections (Oh Wang, I just can't even...), the street style from the past week was just as exciting as the looks from the runway. Like watching (free) Willy soar triumphantly in the air as he was released into the open ocean, it's always exciting to see fashionistas flourish in their most natural environment. We couldn't help but notice a theme of light-hearted fashion experimentation that was full of whimsy. This will definitely help give us some fashion inspiration as we navigate our wardrobes starboard from Summer to Autumn. Let us know your favorite looks in the comments!

Check-mania and the midi-length skirt wave was at a fever pitch. 

Oh! So that's what it would look like if we turned ourselves into a bag. Definitely a fluffy, pink clutch.

Aimee Song makes me never ever want to put my arms into a jacket again.

We noticed lots of Harajukuian qualities in our street style finds. Those white flatforms cannot be denied!

Amazing hair + loud accessories = mouth-dropping awesome. 

Love you from your drippy nail art to your iridescent clutch, girl! Most seen trend was certainly the sweatshirt + skirt combination.

So many cool girls with bobs... hide the scissors, please!

We adored pretty much every look Mira Duma donned for fashion week, but this one stood out of the crowd with it's somewhat shapeless silhouette. The harness over the white button up is what we would like to call "Advanced Cher Horowitz Style."Expect to give new life to that vegan leather bralette of yours by wearing it over slouchy tees or airy button ups this Fall. 

We know a dino-lover when we see it and this look has just the right amounts of gaudy and great.

If we haven't convinced you by now, Nicole Warne from Gary Pepper will surely show you how big heritage prints are going to be this Autumn. And we love the suiting trend that she pulling off so flawlessly! Can't even remember the last time I thought wearing a necktie was cute.

Again we were beguiled by the accessories but the combination with the African-inspired print dress is what really made the pairing shine! 

Image credit: Refinery 29 (Mark Iantosca), (Phil Oh), (Driely S.)


  1. I love FW simply for the street style. I would go and hang outside the tents and never seen an actual show just so I can see all of the fabulous styles on the street!

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  2. new york has the best streetstyles thats for sure!

  3. It is definitely the mecca of fashion! *_* So much inspiration.

  4. 'Wang' - Alexander or Vera? I'm guessing the former....tho the latter bored me this year. I love the YMCA top with the plaid skirt! Perfection!

  5. I was referring to the former. I just don't think I'm ready to descend that far back into the 90's and early 2000's in terms of the logo-print madness. I mean aside from the fact that he put his name on everything, it was just a cocky collection overall. Nothing really innovative and fresh. Resting on his laurels, methinks! What did you think of it?

    Yes!! I really need a plaid skirt in mah life now.

  6. Haha - 'cocky collection' - for sure! it seemed pretty uninspired. very minimal, yes. pretty boring. this year so far i've found badgley mischka, marchesa, and altuzarra to be my faves. i was disappointed by oscar and carolina!! i'm stoked for erdem, ysl, burberry, and dior : D


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