December 5, 2013

Catching Firewood

I don't know about you but I have been looking forward to Hunger Games: Catching Fire since the first installment came out. I love a good dystopian future story (favorite book in high school was The Handmaid's Tale) and good braided hairstyle. So I decided to channel my inner Katniss and rock my own side-braid with a woodsy-inspired look for the night I went out to see the film with friends. 
Outfit details:
Checkered button-up shirt - H&M
Wool & Lace Skirt - Zara
Leather-sleeve Jacket - Forever 21
Silver Buckle Boots - H&M
Burgundy Beanie - Urban Outfitters
Nails - American Apparel Gold Glitter Lacquer & YSL Coral Lacquer

But back to the Hunger Games, what was your favorite outfit on Katniss? The wedding dress was my favorite by far, because of that "wow" moment when she transformed with a big eff-you to the Capital. Shaking my head, thinking about I totally should have had Mockingjay wings for my reception dress at my own wedding. I admit that I haven't actually read the novels yet, so I don't know who Katniss ends up with in the end but... are you Pro-Peeta or Pro-Gale? Let us know in the comments!

If you follow us on Facebook or Twitter, you may already know that Remotely Fashion has been short-listed the Clothes Show Live competition for Fashion Blogger of the Year Award. Tomorrow is the big day in Birmingham at Clothes Show Live where the winner will be selected by their judges. We are beyond excited and flattered by this recognition and our crossing our fingers, toes, eyes and everything else. If you see us about at the show, please say hello! 


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