December 3, 2013

The New Black

As part of the 90s revival, which does not appear to be going anywhere, are the high-waisted loose fitting mum jeans. Love or hate them, you cannot ignore them, the high street is awash with washes on various versions of these trousers.

We have both had run ins with these jeans in different shops on the high street and they can, quite literally, be the most unflattering, ugly piece of clothing that you will ever put on. And not in a cute ugly way you understand, if the wash is too pale on the hip and thigh area, you'll look as though you are standing in front of a magnifying glass, a la Joey from Friends in Mr. Heckles' apartment circa 1996. And if you do dare to turn around, the sight that can confront you is terrifying --PAN ARSE!! Pan Arse is the absolute worst, it is the phenomenon where your bum looks so flat it is as though someone had cruelly stepped up to you and whacked you on the arse with a frying pan.

Well, we think that we have found the solution -- Black jeans! Although they aren't exactly what you would call flattering, the allover dark wash does mean that you escape the perils of the pale enlarging wash and somehow even Pan Arse is avoided. Magic.

Outfit details
Neoprene top - H&M
Mom jeans-  Topshop
Gold wedges - Office
Lipstick - MAC Viva Glam III

Dinosaur Necklace: Pressie from Esmerelda

Photography by Hannah Gerrard <3

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