March 18, 2014

LFW: Pringle of Scotland AW14

  Siobhan & Miriam's favorite looks from Pringle of Scotland AW14 (respectively) courtesy To see the whole collection, click here.

From the beautifully gilded location of the Savile Club in Mayfair, came a surprisingly lovely Pringle presentation. To be honest, we weren't half as looking forward to this  as we were to some of the other shows, but were pleasantly surprised by the heritage brand's expression of the Sports Luxe aesthetic and its innovative use of 3D Printing. Even Sad Keanu would surely smile to see that 3D printing has made its ready to wear debut in the form of matte sequins!

With references to the tennis-playing, yuppie look that we remember from the 1990s (cue baggy polos & sweaters with chest logos), we enjoyed how this was paired with sleek minimalist pieces such as their signature pencil skirt. Slouchy trousers and ill fitting jumpers appealed to our inner lazy girls and the accents of bright orange in the largely monochromatic collection made us realize that orange has not been in our fashion atmosphere for awhile, but it could be time to give it a go!

Great start to day three @pringleofscotland #lfw #aw14

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