October 3, 2014

Jimmy Choo Townhouse - A Shoetopia

It had been impossible to not notice that the end of the world as we knew it was nigh (how else to explain the existence of Robin Thicke and his peculiar brand of rapey pop? ) but the event itself appears to have passed us by, perhaps we got distracted by something shiny. However the apocalypse came to pass, a couple of Sundays ago we RF girls found ourselves in a brave new world, in a veritable shoetopia!

221 New Bond Street has been converted into the first ever Jimmy Choo Townhouse and we went along to have a poke around. Set over three floors, all the shoes in there have been created equal, skater shoes and tough ankle boots, sit happily alongside the elegant heels, which have become synonymous with the brand.
We guzzled champs, played in the photo booth, got our nails did and generally drooled at all of the lovely shoes on show.

Shoe-shaped biscuits and beautiful scarves...
...Here are a few of our favourite skins!
We sound our spirit bags...
Then, in true RF fashion, found the flattest shoes in the shop - we like to fall for our shoes, not off them. 

Pure narcissism - it's a kind of sickness really.


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