October 8, 2014

Amsterdam Days

Baby doll jersey dress - H&M
Athletic Socks - Monki
Trench Coat - H&M
Sunnies - Monki
Flatform Sandals - H&M

Sweatshirt Dress - H&M
Delicate Gold Necklace - Topshop
Snakeskin Slip-on Sneakers - Topshop
Last month, I went an lovely girls trip to Amsterdam where we shopped til we dropped and ate so many crepes we nearly exploded in happiness. The weekend was consistently sunny with a mild breeze that had just the slightest hint of Autumn, but mostly Summer which was perfect for strolling down the streets with cup o' frites in hand. I hope I'll visit this gorgeous city again!

My lovely friend humored my fashion blogging tendencies and took my OOTD shots for the weekend, so thank you Holly Bailey! Her family clearly has the photography gene in their DNA, because her sister Chloe is a great photographer as well. Check her out!


  1. The color make me shock, and I love you style in dress so much. Yeah, black gown is so cool and fashionable, looks pretty.
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  2. I've a long weekend booked there next month, the weather's such a gamble but it looks like you got lucky! Love the contrast between your outfit and the crazy wall!


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