October 27, 2014

Metallics - Not Just For Christmas

This is an urgent appeal.

As the first leaves of Autumn begin to fall, the first tatt of Christmas similarly makes its descent into the nation's shops. But amongst the chaos of reindeer antler hairbands and Christmas Pudding earrings you may also notice an array of metallic. Every year these beautiful shiny clothes are worn once or twice around the festive season and then discarded. Left to languish at the bottom of countless wardrobes across the world they are cold, lonely and at the mercy of moths.  Well we for two are not going to stand for it anymore! J Crew's Jenna Lyons famously elevated leopard print to the status of a neutral and we believe that metallics fall into the same category, with just a little bit of thought, these neglected garments can be rehabilitated and appreciated for the useful members of sartorial society that they are. Add a spangly shoe at the end of some ripped jeans, throw on a chunky knit or cosy sweatshirt with your sparkly skirt, or even take what would be an uber casual sweatshirt and make it silver. Here is our selection of stupendously shiny things that  are versatile enough to work into your everyday wardrobe. Silver skirt in Sainos, why the devil not?

Remember, sequins are for life, not just for your shitty Christmas party.  

Metallics are not just for Christmas

Clockwise from top: Sweatshirt - Whistles, Rivington Chain Clutch - Whistles, Lurex Socks - Monki, Rucksack - Whistles, Glitter Lace Ups - Cheap Monday, Silver Heels - Topshop, Quilted Skirt - Antipodium, Sequin Skirt - Topshop 


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