December 20, 2014

BFF Holiday Gift Guide

You've made your list and you've checked it twice -- got presents for the boo and the boss but what about your BFF? The best thing about BFF gifting is that since you know each other better than the lyrics of No Doubt's 'Spiderwebs,' it is usually a breeze. In fact, most of the time when you're out shopping (online or otherwise), you probably have your "Oh, my bestie would like that" phasers up permanently. And there is no greater feel, than when you find something that you like but would look crappy on you, but your BFF would look amazing in. We think the term should be deemed 'vicarious gifting.' So here is a bit of giftspiration for all of you in long-term biffle relationships. 

Left to Right:


  1. I love your blog; the photos are such good quality and the content is amazing!

  2. Those candles smell great but when they burn out the bottle is so nice you don't want to bin it!

    1. definitely! maybe they would be a good storage for makeup brushes if you can remove the leftover wax. :D

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