December 31, 2014

Mix-n-Match NYE

If you're anything like us, you've been spending your holidays merry-making with family and friends and maybe spending an inordinate amount of time in pajamas. But BAM! It's already time to shimmy into the new year and you've already spent your paycheck on getting gifts for the baes.

So rather than buying a super sparkly dress that is only re-wearable a handful of times (Insta-overexposure is real), why not dive into your wardrobe and pick out a NYE outfit of separates? No longer will you fear walking into a party and seeing another person at the party rocking your high-street party dress because your outfit of separates will be all you. And if you do feel the need to purchase something a little something special and shiny for the evening, you will be far more likely to add it to your daily outfits -- I mean we wish that wearing a full sequin gown was an acceptable for daily wear but until that day comes...!

We hope you all have a fabulous new year's celebration and thanks to our dear readers for making 2014 an amazing year for Remotely Fashion! 



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