March 9, 2015

Bart Simpson - A Style Icon

When chatting to a dear friend about the type of boys that I tend to be drawn to, he scoffed, “You basically want to date Bart Simpson” and in all honesty, there are few qualities a man can posses that are as attractive as skateboarding skills. Hang kindness, the ability to provide and chivalry; give me a boy with a longboard any time. Anyway, unpalatable as my preferences may be, it has come to light that this fascination with Bart Simpson goes waaaay deeper, from affairs of the heart to affairs of my wardrobe. Perhaps it’s an attempt to recapture my youth in a way which does not involve a jar of cream with wild claims about anti-aging, who knows?  But for some reason I have found myself dressing more and more like Bart.
It started with a pair of denim culottes, which we all know are really just Bermuda shorts with ideas above their station. Next came t-shirts, which look as though they were designed for the not-so-fair sex. And now, a collection of trainers, which given that I do zero exercise, I have absolutely no business owning. 

Anyhoo, with that off my chest, here are the best of a Bart bunch, just in case you’re similarly perverse. Kawabunga dudes. 

Clockwise from the top: Stella McCartney, Whistles, MiH Jeans, Monki

Clockwise from top: Hype, Julien DavidMarkus Lupfer, Topshop


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