March 12, 2015

Map My Style

We L O V E love Dom&Ink and you know what, we make no apologies for it. It’s entirely reasonable, the man is awesome. Now, given his generous nature and just general unicorn type spirit, we have for some time referred to him as our own fairy godfather. What we did not know was how incredibly accurate that was! From affairs of the heart, he has now moved onto far more serious matters, those of style; putting his fashion know how to good use. Using the timeworn method of colouring in and the art of collage, he encourages readers to discover and embrace their personal style. Full of positive messages about individuality and body confidence, Map My Style at times makes one feel as though Dom is a modern day George, riding in to slay the Dragons that beset us as ladies.

For reals though, if the world had a handful more Doms, it would be a much less unpleasant place to be. And while we are currently working on his cloning process, we will accept his essence in book form. No, but seriously -- Dom has fully made us believers in "fashion therapy." Served with equal parts of humor and chic, Map My Style, is the perfect book for any fashion lover to curl up with and identify her own unique sense of style. But, we also think that this would be a great gift for those just coming into their own fashion journey as it is chockfull of helpful tips and advice. 
We do believe there a couple of requirements to get full enjoyment of Map of Style:

1. A box of crayons -- the more colors the better so you can illustrate as many variations of ombre dip-dye as you fancy
2. A glass (or more) of prosecco -- to lower your artistic inhibitions
3. A fashion BFF -- to giggle with as you recall your worst hair style or fawn over awesome lady icons, such as Lupita N'yongo or Lena Dunham.

Now got forth and DOODLE! 

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