February 4, 2014

Always on Time

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Us RF girls may have Japan-inflicted anxiety over being on time, but whenever it comes to public transportation of the last train/bus/boat variety, we always seem to fail HARD. We have been stranded in several countries and most memorably in the deserted capital city of Shimane prefecture -- a place with the most ancient shrine in Japan, where cats run restaurants, the average age of its residents is 70 years old, Right-wing party buses yell at foreigners and Kenyan international marathons are held. It is basically like a Miyazaki movie with a touch of nightmare. 

On the day that we shot this OOTD, we thought we had overcome our jinx and arrived to the bus stop in the nick of time. All smiles, we felt vindicated for all the times our iPhone maps and apparent lack of an internal compass failed us. But then... the.bus.never.came. We were in disbelief! But, we made the best of it and ate fish n' chips, online window shopped and drank loads of Earl Grey tea. We realized that we really needed those extra hours just putzing around. The moral of the story being: sometimes when you miss your bus (or it just vanishes into thin air), it is actually meant to be. 
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 photo 2014-02-03195850_zps04d92042.jpg  photo 2014-02-03195145_zps064c9ac8.jpg  photo 2014-02-03195611_zpsbb21b350.jpg  photo 2014-02-03195649_zps5b3e3676.jpg  photo 2014-02-03195757_zps42d9c251.jpg
Siobhan's Outfit:
Spike & Leather Jumper - Nasty Gal Vintage
Joni Jeans - Topshop
Maroon Beanie - Urban Outfitters
Leather Tread Boots - H&M
Leather Satchel - PS 1

Miriam's Outfit:
Light Blue Coat - Reiss
White Button-up - Topshop
Tan Knit Jumper - Topshop
Leopard print Sneakers - Vans
MOM Jeans - Topshop
Blue Snakeskin Bag - H&M
Gold Earrings - Gift (from Peru!)

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