February 3, 2014

Where Does The Pollen Go?

Last Monday, half of RF could be found at the Lyric Theatre for a one night only performance of Cool Rider, the stage adaptation of much maligned film, Grease 2
The air was positively fizzing with excitement as audience members sat on the very edge of their seats waiting for the cast -- which included The League of Gentlemen's Reece Shearsmith-- to take to the stage.
Now, whilst Grease 2 might have its detractors -- philistines -- its fans are truly ardent in their ardour and so had this gone wrong, those jazz hands would have been balled into fists and a storming of the stage would have have been underway before one could ask, "where does the pollen go?" Luckily, the show had all of the amazing songs, just the right dose of affectionate teasing of the film and the only storyline that was missing was that of the bizarre rat faced motorcyclist. Suffice to say, the standing ovations were more than deserved.
Like a lot of people of a certain age, I saw Grease 2 before I saw Grease, so to me it is the original (and best) version. The songs are as incredible as they are hilarious and actually Stephanie Zinone is a pretty outstanding role model:

1. She's a really good friend; she dresses up as an actual tree for fellow pink lady Sharon.
2. She knows what she wants and spells it out, literally -- C O O L R I D E R --what could be clearer than that?
3. She's really patient, "if it takes forever, then I'll wait forever"
4. She's "no one's trophy"
5. And unlike Sandy, she refuses to change for anyone.

With that in mind, we have compiled a selection of things that you need if you want to be as
C O O L as Stephanie Zinone (yes we know that it was Paulette, not Stephanie who wore the gold trews, but they're the stand out wardrobe moment of the film and besides, she deserves a special mention for FINALLY standing up to Johnny Nogarelli)
Grease 2 Board

Leather Jacket - OAK
Blue Brushed Sweatshirt - River Island
Leather Trousers - Sly 010
 Lipstick in Lady Danger - MAC
Gold Hoops - Argos
Map My Heart by Dom & Ink - Amazon 

The only downer on the evening was that there wasn't nearly enough merchandise. 

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