March 10, 2014

Well Fancy That: Clueless Inspired

Stop whatever you're doing and look at this! Iggy Azelea's new video, Fancy, is a recreation of one of the finest films that the world has ever seen. Clueless has had such a profound effect on us, that now if we see that Paul Rudd is in a film, we take it as a mark of quality. In the music video, Iggy plays the confident but ditzy Cher and another recent musical favorite, Charli XCX, portrays the adorable Ty quite flawlessly. We recommend rewatching Clueless immediately after for optimal enjoyment and if your appetite is still not satiated, then look no further; we have gathered together the essentials, just in case you feel inclined to dress as Cher, bump some No Doubt in your white Jeep and exclaim "As if!" with your color-coordinated BFF.


Whatever necklace: La La Land, Gingham skirt: Topshop, Fluffy jumper: River Island, Silver shoes: ASOS, Shampoo: Mane 'n Tail



  1. I love Clueless so much & just can't get enough of little tartan skirts! Such a great 90s look! :)

    1. Clueless is totally the best! And with fashion like so many other things in life, what goes around, comes around. :)

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