April 11, 2014

Grey Wind + Hardcore Norm

Spring has come, and while Winter is coming too, this season brings us one of our favorite things -- a new season of Game of Thrones! Last week's episode had me throwing my remote control at the screen when I saw Tywin Lannister melting down Ice in the season opener, so in reverence for the Starks, I dedicate this OOTD to the King of the North! But this outfit was not only inspired by A Song of Ice & Fire, but also the divisive Normcore trend. Of all the houses of Westeros, I would imagine the Starks to be the most likely to embrace a bit of Normcore. Jon Snow in a Patagonia fleece, Sansa in some shearling Ugg Boots, Arya in well-used Nikes, Rob in a North Face down jacket and Bran and Rickon wearing broken-in baseball caps.

Went for a nude lip to match my normcoreness, but I suppose a swipe of chapstick would have been been more appropriate. 

Looking for ravens.

These walls are looking a little bit like Casterly Rock. 

Entering Highgarden?

I saw a Lannister lion and relived the shock of the Red Wedding. 

Grey from nails to toe just like Grey Wind. By the way, where is Nymeria, the Direwolf, and is she coming back?!

The closest thing I could find to a Weirwood tree. Where you at, Bran?


I admit that this outfit was incredibly comfortable, but it made me feel quite strange! Although dressed quite plainly, I felt like people were staring at me -- although it could be that they were giggling my direDoge t-shirt. At least I hope so. I think I will return to my magpie ways, but I do adore all of the elements that this outfit consists of! 

Sneakers - Internationalist Nikes
Parka - Nasty Gal
Baseball Cap - H&M
Nails - 'Miss Fancy Pants' by Essie



  1. Love your outfit chick! And comfort is a plus!


  2. oddly enough, this might be my fave look on you! and i don't even watch GoT. (i know, i know, i'll GET ON IT.)

  3. you are gorgeous


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